Top 10 Reasons to choose Team Gauze, Inc.

1. Experience: Betty, Deana, Corina, and Heather's 65 combined years Top Production

2. Respect:  Team Gauze's recognized and revered name by Realtors, Lenders, Attorneys, Title Companies, Service company professionals AND...most importantly...Buyers and Sellers

3. Marketing: Team Gauze's market share,creative, successful, marketing techniques, skilled negotiation, and renowned statistics

4. Team Effort: Team Gauze, teamed up with buyers and sellers, providing more services, attention, communication, and support resulting in.....award winning "home runs"

5. Performance: Team Gauze's boundless energy, direction, dedication, and drive for 100% customer and client satisfaction

6. Finance: Team Gauze's wealth of Lender connections, applicable loan programs, firm negotiation and perception of appraisal requirements

7. International: Team Gauze's recognized ability in distilling cultural differences, communication skills, and successful positive rapport with numerous cultures

8. Referrals:  Team Gauze's steady flow of referred buyers and sellers from past clients, the public, AND.....other Realtors

9. Technology: Team Gauze's mastery of today's required real estate systems including the Internet, Email, Multiple Listing Service, and all the technological applications in marketing... A High Tech, High-Touch approach

10. Concierge: Team Gauze and Coldwell Banker Customer/Client Care Services available to buyers and sellers